Social activities
This is also a social farm and we regularly organize rehabilitative activities such as AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) in association with LiberaMente Natural Solidarietà Onlus; our interventions encompass a range of therapeutic works mainly focused on equine rehabilitative activities (hippotherapy and equine re-education), onotherapy, horticultural therapy, dog-assisted therapy for disabled individuals, seniors, at-risk youth and prisoners.
LiberaMente Natural Solidarietà Onlus is a voluntary association founded in 2005 after its members’ long experience devoted to social, zootechnic and environmental activities and studies. The association’s aim is to reduce the social disadvantages of individuals affected by physical or mental disability or living in strained economic conditions  and promote the social reintegration of offenders and their reentry into society. LiberaMente Natural Solidarietà Onlus collaborates with the Public Health Service (Usl 5 Toscana, Toscana Nord-Ovest) and works in partnership with private associations (Uisp, Fondazione Maffi-Rosignano Solvay) operating  in the area of mental illness and disorders (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease and autism).

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