Let’s adopt an olive-tree!
For just € 50 you can adopt one of the 750 olive-trees of our farm and have 3 liters of extra virgin olive-oil delivered at your home (delivery fees are price included). You will be sent a photo of your olive-tree and an adoption certificate; you will be regularly acquainted with every intervention we do on your olive-tree: pruning, harvest, olive-pressing, etc. If you want, you can adopt up to 8 olive-trees just adding € 30 per plant, that is the cost of 3 liters of oil (delivery fees not included). You can share the adoption with one or more friends but in this case the oil will be delivered to a single addressee. You can came and see your olive-tree and if you like, take part to those farming activities involving the plant. You just need to make an appointment. The adoption expires after one year and within in this time frame you will be entitled to a 20% discount on your holidays on the farm, the organic products grown in its fields and all the recreational opportunities and educational activities we organize.

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