Educational activities on the farm

Our activities are devoted to the discovery of the genuine traditions of Tuscany, its culture and people, the unique environmental richness of this territory and its the incredible variety of landscapes and wildlife. All the educational activities and recreational opportunities we feature will be strictly connected to meaningful sensory experiences such as tasting, touch, smell, sight; here are some examples.

The discovery of the world of the bees: practical demonstration of honey processing from combs removal to honey extraction; our range of recreational activities also includes honey tasting, the preparation of plain honey sweets or cakes and candle-making.

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  • Smielatura
  • Disopercolatura
  • Preparazione della cera al sole per fare le candele
  • I mondo delle api
  • Apiario della Fattoria
  • Dove è la regina?

Techniques of cultivation, pruning, harvesting…the winemaking process.

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  • Uva nei tinelli
  • Deraspatrice
  • Grappolo d'uva San Giovese
  • Vendemmia
  • Verso la vigna a scacciare gli stormi

The extra virgin olive oil production process: from olive harvest to olive pressing; our educational programs also feature tutorial recipe activities such as the preparation of plain dishes and cakes made with olive oil.

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  • Oliveto
  • Olivo
  • Olive
  • Olio al frantoio
  • Adozione olivo
  • Attestato di adozione olivo
  • Raccolta olive

A path in the woodland between nature and fables: the varied vegetation of  Tuscan forests and the discovery of the native wildlife through the identification of the animal paw prints; the wood and the human life.

The Elf and the Wood, a special path for younger guests (aged 18 months to 6 years); older children may take part to the microscope analysis of  water of a gully to identify its micro-inhabitants.

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  • Panorama sulla riserva naturale di Monterufoli
  • Visita al boschetto

Seat weaving, basketry and wickerwork.


We propose a wide range of interesting and informative activities such as: educational tours of the kitchen-garden and identification of vegetables;  the sowing and the planting of small plants; the harvest of vegetables, fruit and medicinal plants; how to make a scarecrows.

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  • Orto: messa a terra delle piantine
  • Nutriamo la terra...
  • Orto della Fattoria
  • Raccolta piante officinali


Our tutorial programs also include interactive lessons about Tuscany’s culinary traditions; here are some example:

  • Preparation of jam, marmalade, and in oil or in vinegar foodstuffs. 
  • Preparation of pasta or egg pasta, bread, buns, and anything that children’s fantasy may suggest.
  • Guidance on principles of good hygiene and sanitation practices in food preparation (suitable for older children). 
  • Milk: preparation and tasting of dairy products such as butter, cheese, rovaggiolo cheese and ricotta. On your specific request it will be also possible to visit a sheep stable during the milking.
  • Field plants: how to identify the plants growing in the fields of the farm and then prepare and taste delicious meals.
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  • Facciamo il formaggio
  • Dall'uovo alla pasta
  • Con babbo e mamma a fare i biscotti
  • Una meritata merenda

Here are some examples of our wide range of educational activities:

  • The craft of making objects from clay, salt dough, etc.
  • Decoupage combined with painting. 
  • Painting with watercolors, poster paint, pastels, etc. 
  • The discovery of the little creatures living in the water: a microscope analysis to disclose micro and macro-invertebrates living in the water of gullies.
  • Lessons on environmental and food education with special regard to organic farming and organic produce.
  • The creation of a Farm Diary using the natural materials found on the farm (leaves, feathers, flowers, etc. Activity suitable for older children).
  • The creation of a herbarium (suitable for older children).
  • Dyeing and spinning sheep wool; the creation of necklaces and bracelets from wool.
  • Alabaster: how to identify this important mineral, the processing techniques and decoration. An educational tour to discover the alabaster outcrops in the fields of the farm.
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  • Preparazione erbario
  • Oggetti in alabastro

Springtime incubation and candling of the eggs; eggs painting with food colors. The release of a certificate of adoption of a chick.

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  • In posa al pennutaio
  • Raccolta uova
  • Nel pennutaio...
  • Al pennutaio della Fattoria..
  • Nursery
  • Oche in posa per le foto
  • Chi ha fatto questo uovo?

On our farm you can meet a Monterufoli’s horse and some Maremma’s horses; a special occasion to discover the world of the horses through an ethological approach, riding lessons, horse grooming, stable management and strolls on horseback on the farm area. 

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  • Foto con panorama
  • A lavoro...
  • Dai cavalli...
  • Fieno in carretta per i cavalli e gli asini
  • Spirit
  • Spirit
  • Quenty e Feronia
  • Spirit

You will get in touch with Tuscany’s lush vegetation through simple excursions in the area around the farm or through excursions in the Nature Reserves of the Cecina Valley to the discovery of plants and flowers of these wide pristine territories where the local wildlife roams free.

One of the most interesting features of our territory is the presence of geothermal phenomena, that is the surface evidence of the heat generated by the Earth and a visual spectacular expression of the power of creation. This region is home to several geothermal features, including fumaroles, hot streams and boiling mud pools. The historical and cultural significance of these phenomena passes through a long span of time: from the spiritual significance of the Etruscan people and the thermal springs for the care of the body during the Roman Empire to the exploitation of this natural resource currently harnessed for chemicals and energy.
This unusual territory is always worth a visit and that is why we organize tours to the geothermal fields of the boraciferous areas of Sasso Pisano and Monterotondo Marittimo, together with the visit to the Museum of Geothermics of Larderello and the opening of a demonstrative well.

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  • Parco delle Biancane
  • Soffione
  • Geyser
  • Putizze e fumarole al campo geotermico di Monterotondo
  • Panorama con centrale geotermica

The farm is equipped for disabled people; here we feature animal assisted therapy for adults or children with a variety of mental, emotional and physical disabilities; the work of our expert therapists and the interaction with our purposely trained dogs, horses and donkeys can provide countless benefits on people with special needs; it may help them forget their discomfort, improve their mood lifting spirits and lessening depression. Pet therapy helps children overcome speech and emotional disorders, encourages communication, decreases anxiety, reduces boredom and stress disorders. It is well-known (and scientifically proven) that the interaction with nature and animals has also beneficial effects on physical therapies since it may improve recovery time, provide motivation to move and thus help maintain or increase motor skills. 

For further information about the use of animals as healers, please see the section Social activities.